Do You Have a 5 Year Plan?

How many times have we been asked in interviews about 5 year plans? Where will you be in 5 years they ask… Do you have an answer?

I am a firm believer in the 5 year plan as sad as it may be, 5 years goes quickly and the time can easily pass you by without making much progress towards your goals and ambitions. Somehow time just slips through your fingers. So let’s be sure that over the next 5 years it doesn’t, and take a look at how we can put together a plan to make the most of our next 5 years.

The main benefit of a 5 year plan, whether based around your personal or business life is that it helps you to focus on what your priorities are.

Your 5 year plan will help you say no to the things that won’t get you closer to your goal and more importantly, yes to those that will! You will get clarity on what you need to change in order to get where you want to be and a plan always motivates you to progress and exceed!

Try to track each month to see how well you’re doing, check whether you’ve got closer to your goals and re-evaluate if you’ve not. Taking lots of little steps and achieving smaller goals each week will build up positive months and then these will role into successful years.

So where do you want to be in 5 years? Running your own business? Able to work part-time? Jet setting across the world, being awarded and recognised for your work? Start with how you want to feel, how you want to spend your days and work back from that. Think about your transferrable skills, what you’re good at, what you enjoy. Factor all of this into your weekly and monthly goals.

If you’re feeling a bit lost when it comes to a 5 year plan and all of this talk makes you a bit panicked as you’re simply not sure what you want yet, never fear, we have an option for you. The growing world of ILOs has a number of new career opportunities that offer flexible working hours, locations, and also the ability to make a tidy sum. What’s more, retraining for this world won’t take 5 years, you’ll be able to start practicing in just 6 weeks. Take a look at ILO University and their ILO Masterclass which is all you need for a 360Degree career change to start your 5 year plan right!

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