Your Side Hustle for 2019 Found: The ILO

Aren’t we always looking for ways to increase our bank balance? A little bit of side hustle here, some money that could lead to leaving our jobs there… well I’ve got an idea for you to make your 2019 a majorly profitable one.

If you read Gloamer regularly you may already know about ILOs.  They are a new capital raising option for companies and they can raise you capital too. Standing for Initial Licence Agreement, an ILO is a 3 year licence that a company sells to give you the right to market their products. In return for doing so you get a cut of their revenue each quarter and the chance to earn direct commission if you make any direct sales. Sales could be made from anywhere – sat in your pyjamas on your laptop, in Starbucks on your phone or eating your lunch on a park bench in your lunch break! And for every sale you get a cut. It’s a great side hustle option for those in need of a bit of extra cash.

But although ILOs are a great option for anyone that wants a little bit of passive/easy income – you can start an ILO Portfolio with just $20 (for example the Conflow Power ILO on PreILO)  there’s also a way you can get even more involved in this emerging field and actually spin a career out of the system. And get this, it’s a lucrative one.

ILOCX has just launched ILO University, an online course taking you to the top of the ILO game over 6 weeks of video learning and workbooks. It’s the definitive course for anyone looking to carve out a career in ILOs and currently the only accredited option.

The course goes through all the nuts and bolts of how ILOs work and gives you the knowledge needed to become one of the following – An ILO Listing Agent, A Specialist and generally, Active.

A Listing Agent helps companies all over the world list their ILOs, working across a whole range of different sectors and getting paid for both consultation and meeting and performing due diligence on potential ILO-able companies – $2,500 per meeting to be exact!

A Specialist can list ILOs themselves and is given regular opportunities by ILOCX to get further involved in the field.

Being Active is like being a member of a club and offers up a number of opportunities as soon as you have aced the course. These include network sales, working as an influencer and getting the opportunity to be involved in early-stage Friends and Family rounds for really exciting new ILOs before anyone else gets a chance to buy in!

It’s a great idea for anyone looking to start the year with a new career path in mind plus, we hear that once you complete the course you get $500 to spend on ILOs of your choice, building a portfolio that can earn you money whilst you sleep, or share!

You can find the ILO Masterclass course here and they are taking applications now!

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