Boost your income to travel more with these unusual jobs

Whether you’re travelling in shorter stints or are in it for the long haul, exploring the world will require some long-term funding options to see you through. Before you set off, having a back up is essential should anything not go to plan. But once you’re on the road, the only thing stopping you going further is cash.

Travelling the world doesn’t have to set you back a pretty penny, not if you fund it with clever initiatives along the way! Many people have trekked the globe on limited funds and found ingenious ways to boost their income while soaking up the experience. We’ve all heard of the conventional approaches to making a few bob while abroad. However, if you find working in a bar, holiday repping or teaching English a little passe these days why not switch it up a bit with some more unusual ways to earn the dollar on your travels?

Share your talents

For those that have a talent, be it music, dancing or suchlike, busking in your destination could be a great penny-spinner. Just like you see on the streets at home, pitch up for the day and hear the change clink and chime it’s way into your pockets. Just be careful, in some locations, you’ll need a permit, and in others, it might be illegal, you want to be making extra coin not sitting in an un-scenic cell. So be sure to check before laying your hat.

Use local knowledge

This might sound like something that’s out of your depth at first. But in fact, once you’ve been in a location for a while, you start to pick up the local facts. So why not become a tour guide in destinations across the globe, be creative and offer city walking tours, cycling excursions or evening gastro dining crawls to make money while you explore a place you love. Of course, you won’t know everything, and you may get the odd irritating tourist, but remember Google is your friend if you get stuck. Handy sites such as Vayable and Show Around are a great way to be paid to share your knowledge and experiences with others.

Sail the seas

If you’re thinking luxury cruise liner, think again. For those that have sea legs, and love exploring spectacular locations, becoming a crewmember aboard a boat could be for you. Most of the time, you don’t need knowledge of how to swab the deck or hoist the sails, but a willingness to learn is a must. This job could also see you work on small vessels so your ability to live in a confined space is something to consider as well as the rocky seas. In this job, you might not get a wage, however, in exchange for your services, you get free accommodation, food and a unique chance to see the world from a different perspective.

Look after a stranger’s pets

The thought of bunking in a stranger’s house while you travel might sound unnerving but it’s a great way to get free accommodation and see some fantastic places just like Airbnb but free and with added furries. There are people across the world looking for someone to keep an eye on things while they’re away, and some involve looking after pets too. So if the thought of snuggling up with a cute pooch on your travels is heaven, check out sights such as Trusted Housesitters to find opportunities in places you’ll love.

Open an online store

Starting an e-commerce business might sound like a lot of hassle while travelling, but in fact, it’s simple to do and in most cases doesn’t involve tons of maintenance. So what are you selling? It could be anything from fashion to electronics, and basically, you act as the middleman between customers and suppliers. You can find all sorts on your travels and there are many people ready and waiting to buy authentic items from far off places.

If you want a seriously hassle-free way to run an online shop take a look at dropshipping. This way of selling allows you to partner up with companies that sell their stock through your website. Customer’s buy through you, the supplier sends it out, and you scoop some commission. You never have to hold or wrap a product, let alone stand in a post office queue. It’s best to get this set up before you start your adventure, as that way you don’t have to worry about the initial admin. But with some good promotion, it’s a great way to help you bring in the extra cash.

Sell your snaps

Chances are you’ll be snapping away whilst away so why not turn those pretty pictures into pretty nice sums of money. We’re not talking about those candid Insta snaps; it’s those fantastic shots you’ve captured with your DSLR. Selling your images is a competitive market, and it won’t make you huge sums unless your pictures are something super special. However, sites such as Shutterstock and Adobe Stock are a great place to start. All you have to do is upload your pictures to earn some extra pennies.

Become the next big thing (well almost!)

You might not think you’re the next Kate Moss, but in some parts of the world, your look might be just what agencies need for a photo shoot or film extra. It may sound like you’re blowing your own trumpet but enquiring with local agencies could get you a few gigs. In some cases, you could be plucked off the street to get involved with a local film or TV shoot. Of course, there are some big warning signs to watch out for, as so-called modelling work can sometimes involve some shady characters. Basically, if anyone asks you to get your kit off..walk away… Unless of course, that’s a line of work you’re cool with, there’s money to be made for those sort of shoots too! But seriously – keep your head one – if anything feels dodgy or unsafe – leave.

There are tons of ways to make extra cash on your travels. Whether it’s hard graft or an exciting opportunity, it can be a significant learning curve for anyone looking to future-proof their adventure. Above all else, always remember to have fun and stay safe!

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