I’m a Digital Nomad, What Should I Drive?

If you’re travelling a lot for work, or just like the freedom of working from a new place every week, you can probably class yourself as a digital nomad. Driving from place-to-place gives you the freedom to explore off the beaten track and while you might not be able to go as far as you would if you flew, you can still discover some wonderful places.

When your work becomes one big road trip, you’re going to need a car that’s reliable, comfortable and can act as a mobile office when needed.

You also need to consider your personal preferences. While one person might dream of driving a huge 4×4 around the USA, others might feel a small sense of panic at driving something so large.

Here’s what to consider when choosing a car as a digital nomad.

Fuel economy

This might be a boring place to start but if you’re doing a lot of miles between beaches, cities and forest cabins, you’re going to want something that won’t cost you a fortune. A hybrid is a practical option here but you could also consider newer petrol and diesel engines with a high MPG (miles per gallon).


You need to find a good balance between what you’re comfortable with and what’s practical. If you’re literally carting your whole life around in that car then an estate vehicle or van might make the most sense. If you’re able to travel light then you can get away with a small hatchback or even a city car.

Where are you going?

All digital nomads have a preferred place to work. Some might love the buzz of a city whereas others enjoy the soothing sounds of a forest as background noise while they type away. Even though you’re probably going to mix it up a little, think about where you spend most of your time.

For city lovers, a small car is going to make parking much easier but if you like driving to the tops of mountains to get the best views, you’ll need something with a little more power and traction.

Mobile accommodation

If you’re set on road tripping and working, it might make sense to get yourself a small mobile home or camper van. These don’t have to be as cumbersome as a huge RV but you could get yourself a retro VW Campervan or a fully kitted out Ford Terrier.

This really lets you to get off the beaten track and allows for a little more spontaneity in your travels. Not to mention the fact that you’ll save money on accommodation too.

Top picks

These cars are a good mix of affordable, practical and interesting.

Volkswagen California

This new camper sleeps up to four and is the ultimate in luxury. It also comes with VW’s impressive DSG automatic gearbox so it’s as easy to drive as it is practical.

Kia Sorento

For those of you who like to be high up when you drive and need the extra traction provided by four-wheel drive, this is a good choice. The drive is comfortable and engaging, plus there’s enough space to carry everything you pick up on your travels.

Vauxhall Astra

A hatchback with the one thing every digital nomad needs, WiFi. You can add OnStar to any Vauxhall, which means you’ll have an assistant ready to help you with travel plans at the touch of a button, and your car will be a mobile WiFi hotspot too.

Abarth 500

While not the most practical in terms of size, this is a great car for those of you who like a little bit of performance but are also able to travel light. It’s perfect for windy countryside roads.

Whether you buy a car, take your own or hire one, road tripping as a digital nomad is one of the best ways to explore new places and live like a local.

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