10 side hustles to boost or break your 9-5

If you feel the need to quit your job right this minute or your 9-5 salary just isn’t quite matching your spending needs I have good news! There are plenty of side hustles out there for those of you looking to make more money. Luckily the internet has helped us a lot when it comes to boosting our earning potential, but there are also a lot of small side jobs ready and waiting in the real world wings, ripe and ready to grow into small businesses. Here are our mixed top 10.

Make money Switching bank accounts

You will make: At least £100 per switch

Right this minute Natwest are offering £150 to anyone who’ll happily switch accounts in their favour. Barclays are offering £132 for the same. Sometimes banks even offer an extra £50 referral ‘present’ when you get a friend to swap too. It’s really not as much of a pain as it sounds. These days the banks do all the switching for you and there’s no fumbling around with direct debits or new standing orders. You’ll find a constantly updated list of banks offering the best monetary incentives to switch here.

Make money making stuff.

Market stalls

You will make: Very hard to tell, though, after stall costs, a busy market day and a well-priced product should bring at least £100

I am sure that, unless you live in the deepest darkest depths of the countryside or atop a skyscraper set in a concrete metropolis, you won’t be more than 40 minutes away from a market of some shape or form. Not only are markets accessible, but right now it’s a perfect time of year to be trying out your wares on a stall. Sell something you’re great at making. Whether that’s pies, prints, knitted jumpers or candles. Get making and get selling. Market stalls are cheap and in the run up to Christmas, you’ll find many a happy shopper ready to part with pennies and pounds for more personalised gift options. If you really can’t think of anything to make then why not look at a carboot. Getting more and more popular, carboot and thrift sales are a great way to declutter and make some money at the same time!

Make money from your skills


You will make: £50 a week

Do you have a talent for marketing, copywriting or social media and are you buzzing with ideas? Promoilo is the place for you. Full of companies looking to promote their ILOs through people with online and marketing nouse, the site guarantees you’ll make £50 in your first week or they’ll make it up to you, with £50! If you have no clue what ILOs are, you can find out here.

Note – you will need to actually have a skill in these areas and work examples to prove it, as sign-ups are vetted.


You will make: Approx £10 an hour

List almost any service on Fiverr for a low rate and you’ll find buyers. Everything from tarot readings through to celebrity impersonators and language lessons are on offer here and have no issues finding buyers. Work out where your knowledge or talent lies, price it up accordingly and get earning. Fiverr is a particularly great option for making more money at home.

Make money by selling your stuff.

You will make: Tough one to predict. £50-£500 (?!)

This should really be a no-brainer by now with so many sites offering easy online market spaces. But yeah, we hear ya – sometimes it’s a lot of faff, pricing things, listing things, packaging things up for the post office. That’s where super simple selling sites like Schpok and Ziffit come into play. Schpok allows you to load up really basic sales info and have items collected by the buyer. Ziffit accepts product codes scanned by phone, gives you a price for your old bits and bobs, sends you a box, then comes around in a van to pick it all up!

Make money doing odd jobs

Be an odd Job man or Woman

You will make: £10 per hour or more if you find a speciality

Take it off the internet and go old school. Make up some flyers and get popping them through letterboxes. Offer odd jobs for £10 an hour, with a list of possibilities on your flyer. Think, lawn mowing, picture hanging, food shopping, tech issue solving, painting… You’ll be surprised how many people take you up on the offer! Get those flyers through your neighbour’s doors and pile them up in a few local cafes.

Dog walking & pet sitting

You will make: £15-£40 an hour

These are both great opportunities to double up on work. It’s easy to be sat on your laptop, whilst petting a cat or making a few calls whilst out walking a dog. Dog walking and pet sitting can make you anything from £15-£30 an hour, with an overnight stay at your house raking in around £40 a night. Providing animals get on, there’s no reason you can’t do some doubling up either! Just make sure they don’t get on too well… owners probably don’t want their pets multiplying a few months down the line! Get started by putting up cards in local shops and on message boards.  

Remember: Looking after an animal is a responsibility to be taken seriously and the animal’s welfare always comes first.

Make money with your car

You will make: £30-£60 a day

Have a car? Make money out of it. When you’re not using it others can and pay you for the privilege. There are so many sites to choose from www.hiyacar.co.uk, Turo.com, JustShareIt.com and Getaround.com. All offer insurance and work much like Airbnb. In fact, there’s another idea – decamp from your place and stick it on Airbnb each weekend whilst you stay with a friend. This is a total no-brainer to make more money besides a job, providing you don’t need your car to get to work!

Make Money Online

No-risk matched betting

Will make you: approx £30 per hour

‘Bet £25 and we’ll give you a free £25 bet’. You’ve seen those offers on gambling sites right? The thought behind matched betting is that you place a bet with your £25, then use the £25 the site gives you to bet the opposite way, making it impossible to ‘loose’ and very possible to make money without needing to risk any of your own.  Take your time and make sure you know what you’re doing in order to maximise profit and minimise any losses. If you’re not familiar with betting terminology (you’ll need to place both back bets and lay bets for this to work) or want this matched betting fully explained, there’s a great step by step guide here. If you want to make more money right now, right this very minute, this is probably you’re best bet (no pun intended!).

Get paid to… Sites

You will make: Approx £5 per hour

These are websites that pay you and give cash back to do things like, take surveys, watch videos, review products and shop through their website with known brands such as Amazon and Dominoes. Granted you don’t want to be filing in surveys for hours but you can browse sites like Swagbucks and Toluna, picking the most lucrative offers to start building up points to convert to money. OnePoll. Gives you an instant £5 signup bonus.

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