Work the world, the best co-working spaces across the globe

The term ‘digital nomad’ has become somewhat of a buzzword in today’s employment market. This new style of working has risen in popularity over the past few years, and it’s not hard to see why. The simple premise of working wherever you have WiFi is becoming the norm for many people. Who actually wants to be stuck in an office 40 hours a week anyway?!

With advancements in technology and WiFi hotspots in millions of places around the world, you can literally work from anywhere. With this flexibility, travelling has become a natural complement to the lifestyle. Seeing the world without forgoing the paycheque is certainly seen as the dream.

However, if avoiding a sticky keyboard whilst sipping cocktails on a swaying hammock is proving difficult, and your wifi connection leaves much to the imagination; you’ll need to find somewhere practical to meet those client deadlines and conduct all important video conferences away sun glare and sweaty climates. That’s where co-working spaces come in handy.

Co-working is certainly ‘worth it’, these spaces are the glue that makes working remotely stick. Due to their obvious benefits, free wifi and often coffee, co-working spaces are popping up across the globe. These aren’t your run of the mill hotdesking setups either, you’ll find no bland partitions and dodgy swivel chairs here.  These spaces capture the innovation and social life of each country they inhabit offering individuals the chance to not only network in cool and quirky environments but be inspired by what’s happening in business in the country around them.

We’re not sure how many co-working places there are in the world, but these are some of the best, and they are all very cost effective! Check them out and start planning your next adventure.

Beachub, Thailand

Type away in paradise, taking a seat at the world’s first beachfront co-working village. If this spectacular setting on the stunning shoreline of Koh Phangan isn’t enough to entice you, how about fast WiFi and delicious homemade cuisine included? This beach hub also encourages networking with an array of social events offering sandy-toed networking.

$15 | 12 |  £11 Coffee, water, shower, snacks, beach access, WIFI

The Farm, New York

Explore the city that never sleeps and take full advantage of the bustling coffee shop scene. But when you need a bit of head space, head to The Farm for a cool, relaxed co-working space right in the heart of the action. Each New York office offers a rustic Americana vibe and has the option of shared and private desk spots with 24/7 access. You can also grab a great cup of joe here too.

$27 | 23 |  £20 a day – wifi

The Work Project, Hong Kong

You could be forgiven for thinking you’ve stumbled into a luxury hotel rather than a co-working space with the spectacular entrance of  The Work Project in Causeway Bay. This beautifully designed building provides an inspiring location to work from and is conveniently located in Mid Town for easy access to the rest of the city. Here you’ll find everything from networking events, super-fast internet and freshly brewed coffee to boost your productivity.

HKD 350 | $44 | 38 |  £33 a day Gourmet pantry and wifi

The Ramp, London

To really get your creative juices flowing, head to The Ramp at Peckham Levels, an affordable collaboration space in the capital. These serviced offices provide seven levels of facilities for freelancers across a variety of sectors. You’ll find everything from hot desks to photography studios and burger bars, each designed to inspire and bring people together. The space has a really friendly community vibe.

$251 | 218 |  £190 a month hot desk, find an area in Levels to work for the day easily for free. Includes WIFI everywhere.

Work In Progress, Croatia

On Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast, you’ll find the innovative and stylish co-working space – Work In Progress. This quirky and inspiring building offers a host of spaces from immersive and social areas through to private booths for when you need to make those important calls. Alongside great coffee and fast Internet connectivity, you are also five minutes from the beach. What’s working while travelling all about if you can’t enjoy some hard-earned beach time?

HRK 75 $9 | 8 |  £7 a day, free wifi

Kantoor Karavaan, Netherlands

If you’re on the lookout for a remote working location that fully embraces nature, Kantoor Karavaan offers just that. A selection of dome tents and caravans, dotted around Amsterdam and the surrounding area offer everything from Internet connectivity to coffee machines and other office essentials. Super environmentally friendly, everything is powered by solar modules.

$57 | 50 |  £43 a day, free and coffee wifi

Hub, Australia

Hailed as one of the most popular destinations for working travellers, it’s no surprise that Australia has some cool spots to embrace a nomadic work-life balance. Hub Australia is an excellent example of the flexible and inspiring co-working spots across the country that offer a host of facilities for freelancers. Each space has a natural and welcoming vibe alongside fast Internet and a great networking calendar. With hubs in Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane and Melbourne, there are plenty of options for extended travel while you work.

$50 | 35 |  £26 a day,  community events, wifi included

Work & Co, South Africa

Located in the heart of Cape Town, Work & Co offers digital nomads a chance to type away alongside like-minded individuals in a space overlooking the city skyline. Choose from shared offices and private rooms, whilst taking full advantage of the many networking events in this stylish space. Work & Co isn’t all about work though, there are plenty of ways to enjoy some downtime too. Its iconic night market creates a regular community vibe with live music, designers and artists all coming together for one great big social event.

SA 390 |  $26 | 23 |  £20 a day,  wifi included

Ministry of New, India

India is fast becoming a hot spot for start-ups and those looking to scale up. With co-working spaces such as Ministry of New; it’s not hard to see why. This vibrant environment is inspired by local architecture and culture, really immersing you in your destination, no matter how much work you need to get done! Ministry of New has really become a haven for travelling freelancers offering hot desks and longer term, shared working spaces. Other shared areas like a library really open this co-working space up allowing you to both work and chill out all in one. And isn’t that just the point?

IR 110 |  $1 | 1 |  £1 a day,  wifi included

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