How to Get Started in Street Food.

We interviewed Marco Casadei of Young Vegans and now Death By Pizza last month. He gave us all sorts of gleaming nuggets of wisdom when it comes to the London street food game. These are his key take away tips for any of you lovely lot looking to set up a street food business:

Start simple with the side hustle

“Doing markets and cooking on the street is as basic as it gets and that’s a great way of making money to start with. Also Festivals can be really profitable.”

When starting something new it can be tempting to throw everything at the wall. So many new ideas and possibilities! But reign it in! Leave some of the ideas and add-ons for later on down the line and start by perfecting your art (the food) the cheap way.

Embrace collaboration

“We now work with Deliveroo and therefore stay open until 9. We do a grand a week on Deliveroo alone”

Work with the competition not against them if you can. Partner with the big boys, don’t rage against them. As a new startup, you’ll need all the help you can get and collaborations are the way forward in any business.

Embrace social media.

“No one is going to grow your social for you-you have to be all over it. It doesn’t matter what your thoughts on facebook are, you have to be on it.”

There are no shortcuts to social. You have to be in it, to win it and it’s called social for a reason – be sociable. Talk to your customers, interact with them – it will pay back dividends!

Do listen to the 5-year rule

“People say you should always aim to sell your business after 5 years and I totally get that. If I had followed that plan with The Camden Pub Crawl I could have sold it at it’s peak.”

Always have a get out plan and work towards it. At Gloamer we would say, if you choose not to sell your business after 5 years at least look to re-invent it to keep things fresh. Always be aware that most things in life have a sell-by date, you have to innovate to succeed!

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